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Stolichnaya Elite Vodka 70cl

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Elit is Stolichnaya’s super premium vodka, crafted meticulously with the finest ingredients available to offer.

Elit is crafted from grain sourced from the most fertile black earth, grain spirit is then triple distilled and blended with mineral-rich artesinal water. This is then further purified through fine quartz and charcoal to add depths of smoothness before its final stage.

Staying true to Stoli’s roots, Elit’s patented ‘freeze filtration’ technique is a modern update of the classic method of leaving casks of vodka out in sub-zero temperatures.

Elit’s final filtration is at -18 degrees to create an exceptionally pure, velvet smooth, crystal clear vodka.

An ideal bottle or gift for vodka enthusiasts, Elit is the result of an obsessive attention to detail, and a dedication to making the best vodka possible.