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Vina Marty Goutte DArgent Sauvignon Blanc, Chile

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Vina Marty is proud to present this Sauvignon Blanc, a unique wine in the world in its style, fermented using Japanese sake yeast n°7. Only members of the sake producer association are allowed to use these yeasts. We are then honoured to be the only non-Japanese member.
These yeasts are a true treasure of Japanese culture and allow us to vinify at much lower temperatures than regular wine yeast, which has always been a dream for winemakers.
This Sauvignon Blanc presents a very new and unique profile, mixing the wonderful terroir of
Chile, techniques of French vilification, and the millenary tradition of Japan.
Nose : Complex with a beautiful intensity of citrus fruits and white flowers, such as orange blossom. Notes of Green spices with bakery and vanilla flavours.
Palate : A floral sauvignon blanc with criticus aromas. A hint of chilli pepper add originality to its character. It’s soft, dry, with medium acidity round and well balanced. Elegant thanks to a workon lees, we can enjoy a long and creamy finish.


ABV 13%


Leyda Valley

Sauvignon Blanc