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Ch. Daviaud 2019 Bordeaux Rouge

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Deep purple colour, rich notes of blackberry and cocoa, plump palate with ripe soft tannins.
45% Merlot - 21% Cabernet Franc - 19% Cabernet Sauvignon - 15% Malbec An assortment of grape varietiesthat clearly illustrates this property’s hillsides origin of the terroir. Its blend makes it a unique Bordeaux wine.
Vineyards are planted on slopes, facing south-south-west, on the right bank of the Garonne river, which receives a great amount of sunshine and this ideally mitigates proximity to the river (it also benefits from the bend in the Garonne). Slopes are comprised of limestone covered with shingly gravel soils at their peaks, clay-limestone mid-slope and fine gravel mixed with silica at the foot of these slopes, enabling Merlot grapes not to surpass their phenolic balance and allowing Cabernets to reach their full potential. Malbec produces quite low yields here, but this is compensated by its role in the final blend, bringing smoothness and spicy notes.